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gratitude + love + life

mama lo

where it all began

As an Asian girl, we are supposed to be “ladylike”: delicate, subservient, demure. Luckily for me, the trajectory of my life changed when I moved to Oregon with my family at the age of 11 and I realized that I could be different. I had freedom. I had choice. And I had the responsibility, to find and define who I was, so I got busy doing just that. My introspective self took me down the path of psychology, children’s education, teacher training, event planning, and eventually life coaching. My biggest love is a strong sense of self and expressing that self passionately and powerfully.


the inner badass

fierce inside out

My first taste of fitness and strength training was in high school when a friend asked me to spot him for the bench press. I didn’t know what the hell I was doing but man, I loved it!! The raw power, the sense of control, and the euphoric feeling of endorphins…I was a believer for life.  Ironically, it took me going back to Asia after graduating from University to get started in the fitness industry.  Teaching Spinning, yoga, and circuit training, I found my love for the power of my body, and I truly feel most at home when I’m in the weight room.

my mission

moving you to authentic power

Let’s move. Let’s lift. Let’s get rid of what’s non-essential so that we can truly get to what’s most important: your dreams, your visions, your courage to be true to your best self.  You have the freedom, the choice, and the responsibility to express that power in you so that you may empower others. I’ve got your back.


the resume stuff

  • Certified Personal Trainer – NCSF
  • Certified Health & Wellness Coach – Wellcoaches
  • Certified Dream Coach – Dream U
  • Certified Johnny G Spinning Instructor
  • Certified Yoga Instructor – YogaFit L1, L2, Kids, Pre/Post Natal
  • Author – For My Girls & Fitness to Freedom (publishing 2020)

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