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12 WEEKS OF ONLINE TRAINING with ME + one of the most powerful training programs made for women by women!

I am sharing one of my most favorite training programs from Girls Gone Strong! (A global movement empowering women to embrace all that’s possible for our lives and bodies. Amazing body-positive, evidence-based, sustainable training and self-care resources! Learn more here)

This program + weekly accountability coaching from me is perfect for those who:

: have some previous experience working out/ strength training
: are pretty sufficient at following a plan
: need the power of accountability and support (this is KEY!!)
: want to laser focus on a 12 week program for results

You receive:

: PDF manual packed with amazing training information
: 12 week program complete with videos for each exercise!
: weekly coaching and accountability check-ins with me 
: FREE access to my global online community STRONG MAMAS CLUB if you are a mommy (details here)

Choose from 1 of these 4 main goals to get movin’:

: Get started – for women who want to start strength training or return after some time off, without fear of getting hurt, or doing it wrong

: Get lean – for women who want to lose body fat in a sustainable way, without extreme dieting or extreme exercise

: Get strong – for women who want to gain maximum strength so they can crush big weights, without fear of getting hurt

: Get jacked – for women who want to gain muscle and look like they lift, without spending their life in the gym

SIGN UP IN JANUARY and receive 50% off for a friend! Grab a workout buddy and get the accountability going! 

Cost: $399 CAD

For the past 8 years I have struggled with my weight. In May, when my daughter was born, I was determined to get back into shape. I wanted my little girl to grow up with a happy, healthy and active momma. I also knew I couldn’t do it alone, enter Lola. I started working withLola 11 weeks post c-section with an old shoulder injury. Through online training sessions with workouts I can do in my home gym, Lola helped me gain back my strength and confidence. The workouts have pushed my limits without being overwhelming and Lola is the ever ready cheerleader. Her optimism and constant support and encouragement kept me moving and helped remind me why I started on days I wanted to stop. Today I am 6 months post-partum and, although I still have a long way to go, I feel stronger than Idid pre-pregnancy. I can lift, I can squat, I can jump all while holding and playing with my little Ava and without hurting my shoulder or getting tired. I am looking forward to seeing where I am in another 6 months!

Nikki, Vancouver

Mother of two kids and working full time, I always had excuses to why I was not taking care of myself: I should take care of the family first, I don’t have time, the gym is too far…etc. These are some of the things I kept telling myself. But in reality in order to take care of your family you have to feel good. Lola helped me refocus my energy, make priorities and find the only 30 minutes a day I needed to exercise. I did not use a gym, I managed to do all the exercises at home so there were no excuses for not doing the work!  With the support and guidance of Lola I feel good and I was able to start a routine that works for me and my family. I am so glad to have worked with Lola!

Geraldine, Vancouver

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