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Strong Mamas Club is for Moms around the world who are ready to prioritize and integrate workouts and self care into their busy mama lives! 

A FREE online community, all done from the comfort of your own home at your own pace, this space is for Moms who are ready to feel confident and strong from the inside out and to take great care of yourselves so you can thrive for your family. You are the core of all that is important to you, it’s time to nourish and support YOU. 

This online community is: 

: Free

: Involvement at your own pace

: All done in a private Facebook group

: Support + accountability a click away

You receive: 

: Monthly workout programs

: Weekly coaching prompts for wellness + life

: Ongoing accountability check-ins

: Global community of support with other like-minded mamas


Here are what some Mamas say from their coaching work with Lola:

For the past 8 years I have struggled with my weight. In May, when my daughter was born, I was determined to get back into shape. I wanted my little girl to grow up with a happy, healthy and active momma. I also knew I couldn’t do it alone, enter Lola. I started working with Lola 11 weeks post c-section with an old shoulder injury. Through online training sessions with workouts I can do in my home gym, Lola helped me gain back my strength and confidence. The workouts she developed have pushed my limits without being overwhelming and Lola is the ever ready cheerleader. Her optimism and constant support and encouragement kept me moving and helped remind me why I started on days I wanted to stop. Today I am 6months post-partum and, although I still have a long way to go, I feel stronger than I did pre-pregnancy. I can lift, I can squat, I can jump all while holding and playing with my little Ava and without hurting my shoulder or getting tired. I am looking forward to seeing where I am in another 6 months! 


Mother of two kids and working full time, I always had excuses to why I was not taking care of myself: I should take care of the family first, I don’t have time, the gym is too far…etc. These are some of the things I kept telling myself. But in reality in order to take care of your family you have to feel good. Lola helped me refocus my energy, make priorities and find the only 30 minutes a day I needed to exercise. I did not use a gym, I managed to do all the exercises at home so there were no excuses for not doing the work!  With the support and guidance of Lola I feel good and I was able to start a routine that works for me and my family. I am so glad to have worked with Lola! 

Geraldine, Vancouver

I have had the pleasure to work with Lola on a few occasions, and each time Lola has helped me to uncover a new level of myself. Her gentle guidance, thought-provoking questions, encouragement, unwavering support, and friendship have all helped me to realize my own worth and potential. She helped guide me to create a vision of the life I want to live base on what I value the most. We established small, actionable goals that week after week built upon one another, and led me to feel in control of my life. I am now moving my body with regular exercise, making healthier choices, and living and being more true to myself than I ever have before. I have momentum in my life again!

Erin, Vancouver

Lola is truly gifted in the art and science of coaching. During our weekly sessions she masterfully guided me as I defined, and then worked to fulfill, my goals. She is easy to talk to and offered me clarity and encouragement. Along with her thoughtful observations, authentic support, and sincere insights, Lola provided realistic, constructive strategies that I could apply to my wellness vision. One simple hour of coaching per week translated into lasting results. I am noticeably better at managing my diet, fitness, and hectic daily schedule. Lola’s consummate listening and coaching skills allow her to help you harness your own strengths, follow through on your goals, and come away feeling as though you can accomplish anything. 

Kari, Dallas


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