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Whether you are a newbie or a seasoned woman in business, you most likely have experienced your share of highs and lows on this ride we call entrepreneurship. Especially for those of us who do creative, soulful, and heart-centred work, the magnitude of this roller coaster is amplified by the fact that this is a piece of our heart out there in the world being tossed up and down. How do we stay grounded and centered in the middle of all the madness?

Here are 5 useful tips that have been instrumental for me as I find myself after having moved across the country, had our first baby, and revamped and relaunched my business in a city where I knew no one. The craziness is real!

Tip 1: Do a weekly “Self Positivity Inventory” 

Often times when we are emotional and stressed, the first place we go to is all the negative aspects of ourself and our work that we feel like is the reason why our business sucks. We might do an inventory of our products on a regular basis, but rarely do we do the same for our positives and success. Imagine how much better we would feel if we focused more on our strengths and successes. Each week, review and jot down a quick list of all the things you’ve done well and all the ways you’ve succeed, no matter how small, and feel proud! This positive energy will bring you back down to what you know is true: that even when there are challenges, you got this, and you are meant to be here.

Tip 2: Have a regular physical practice

One of the quickest ways to get out of the mental chaos that is life and business is to get back into your body and your breath. Find physical activities you enjoy and do them religiously to counterbalance all the strain that goes into your mind and heart as you hustle for your work. When we physically move and focus our energy on the physical, we naturally come back down to earth and re-find our ground. Exericse does more than just break a sweat and burn calories, the happy endorphins are an extra bonus and you feel kick ass at the same time. Win, win, win all around!

Tip 3: More self care, less self discipline

Most of us who are type A go-getters tend to push, push, and push, and think that we must push some more if we feel like our business isn’t going as smoothly as we like. Sometimes when we think we think more self discipline, what we really need is more self-love. Sometimes slowing down and taking a few deep breaths is a lot more productive then pushing yourself to do more when things already feel out of hand. Have a fun day with your family, go dancing, enjoy a spa day, get a massage, whatever you enjoy that makes you feel relaxed and happy, and do it more on a regular basis. Your sense of joy, ease, balance, and fun will help you feel less frazzle and tense when the going gets tough. Love, play, and nourish yourself.

Tip 4: Focus on the creating

We worry so much about being successful, when really, we need to just focus on doing successful work. It’s easy to get stressed out when all we focus on is the end result. “How will people like what I’m offering?” “Will they buy my stuff?” Numbers, sales, outcome…all are important when we run a business, but can easily get out of control if that’s all we focus on. Remember why you started in the first place, and bring your joy back to your creating of what you love to share. That is where the magic is.

Tip 5: Get with other entrepreneurs and build each other up

Whether it’s with your accountability buddy or your mastermind group…sure, go ahead and complain, bitch, and vent…let it out. But put a time limit on that, and then get going on problem solving and then encourage, cheer on, and get each other pumped up to do some great work. Others out there who get what you’re going through can join you in your pity party, or you can pow wow and really stir up some fantastic energy for each other. It’s a simple choice.


Let me know what else you do that helps you to stay centered while building and growing your business, and let’s succeed together!


Much love,



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