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When you have a lot of dreams and goals, it can get a little overwhelming when trying to decide which dream or goal to pursue first. How do you know if you are focusing on the best dreams or prioritizing the right goals? There is so much you want to achieve and accomplish, how do you get it all done?

Dreams become real and achievable when you break them down into projects. When you can turn your dreams into concrete projects that you can tackle step by step, you can accomplish more dreams than you ever thought possible! I like to call these “Passion Projects” and they are awesome in the following ways:

– They turn your purpose, values, and dreams into concrete actions

– They create meaning and contribution that serve the world

– They make you feel passionately alive!

– They guide you for a balanced and fulfilling life

When you turn your dreams into Passion Projects to work on, make sure they are:

1: AMAZING and FULL OF PASSION: Out of all the projects you could possibly do in your life, your projects are ones that you are absolutely passionate about! There is something about these projects that keep pulling you towards them. They are ones that you thought you forgot about, but keep popping up. They make you feel amazing just thinking about them (not fantasies like winning the lottery, where you don’t actually have control over it happening). When your projects come from this place of deep inner passion, you will naturally have the time and energy to devote to them, because simply by doing them, you have so much fun and feel pumped from the energy you get from them. On a scale from 1 to 10, these projects should be an 8, 9, or 10, where they really turn you on!

2: FROM YOUR HEART: Your projects must be something that you deeply believe in from your heart. This is the only way that they’ll have lasting value for you and for those you care about. These are the things that are the most worth doing with your precious time on earth. These are the projects that come from your deepest values.

3: BALANCED & HOLISTIC: Life is full of many parts, and as we focus on certain things, sometimes it’s easy to forget or neglect others. Your amazing passion projects must take into account all the different aspects of life so that you don’t miss out on important parts of life. (We wouldn’t use a road map that’s half missing to get to our destination, now, would we?!) Think about roles and aspects in your life: family, relationship, financial, community, adventure, spiritual…etc.

Create a mind map of all your life dreams and choose three that you would like to turn into Passion Projects. Start taking actions today to make them happen!

If you would like support and accountability for your Passion Projects, join me for a Dream Action Session!


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