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The #1 question I get from people when they’re thinking about whether or not to join our FemCity Collective, or any other group is: what are the benefits of joining?

Now, some people get it right away and sometimes it takes peeling back a few more layers before some truly understand what it’s all about and how much it can really enrich who they are and what they do for their business.

Beyond the obvious benefits that you can read from the website and what you know about networking and referrals blah, blah, blah, here are a few thing that have really hit home for me:

1) THINK OUTSIDE THE BOX: The traditional concept of going to networking events is the hope that you will meet all these people who will refer you and your business to potential clients. Yes, that comes with the package, but there is so much more if you think outside of the box. While some of the people in the group may not be your direct target market, the skills and expertise of those in your group is a GOLD MINE! Can you imagine tapping into the special talents and expertise of 25 diverse women and have them as part of your support team? Holy cow! That alone right there is priceless. I am learning SO MUCH from the women in my group and I haven’t even barely scratched the surface yet!!!!! Think beyond just the superficial and traditional ways of meeting a person and exchanging routine information and see a bigger picture of how your relationship with these people will uncover potential that you did not see at first sight.

2) USE WHAT YOU LEARN FROM OTHERS TO INSPIRE IDEAS FOR YOURSELF: One of my most favorite things to do when I’m at my mastermind group is to really listen and take notes when others are speaking and sharing their challenges and successes because by learning from what they are going through, I find nuggets of inspiration and insight for myself and what I’m going through for my journey. The best part about being in a synergestic group is the energy of give and take, and not just all about me, me, me. Create space in yourself to truly listen to other people’s journey and use what you learn to add to your own wisdom. This is goldmine #2!!

3) TAKE INSPIRED ACTION: And this is perhaps the biggest goldmine right here: DO SOMETHING from what you gained by being in your group. Other people cannot create magic for you, only YOU can do that for yourself. Whatever you may have learned or felt inspired by, turn it into ACTION! For me, my new action from my meeting this week is to roll back out one of my signature workshops getting people to take action on their dreams!!!! So excited!!

So all this plus so much more, is that worth $15 a month of your investment?! I hope that’s a YES!

Let me know what some of your most favorite benefits are by being in a mastermind group you love, and let’s grow and prosper together!



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