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As an Empowerment Coach for women, I have had the privilege of witnessing so many women transform over time as they find and gather the strength, power, and confidence they need as they create the life of their dream. Here are 7 power tips that will help shift you forward towards the dreams you are working hard to manifest.

1) Spend time with yourself to get CLEAR: Weekly/monthly/quarterly/yearly, consciously create time to introspect and check in with yourself. Ask yourself important questions like: what are my biggest goals right now? Is what I’m doing in alignment with my mission and purpose? Are there any changes I need to make so that I am more in alignment? Take time to assess and reassess to see if what you’re doing and how you’re is on track with what you are trying to create. When we are scattered, we diffuse our energy. But when you get CENTERED, you can be CLEAR and FOCUSED with power.

2) Have a regular PHYSICAL practice: Our body is POWER! By moving that power, you move power into other areas of your life. Working out, strength training, yoga, martial arts, rock climbing, running…whatever it is, do something that you enjoy to move your body on a regular basis. How we move our bodies is how we move our lives. If you do a lot of sitting around, you cultivate more of this STUCK energy. If you move, create motion…that motion carries over to the things you are trying to make happen, and gives you momentum.

3) Visualize, visualize, visualize: Flex your mental muscles! Picture yourself living, succeeding, and enjoying so much of yourself actually living your dream come true. I’m sure you’ve heard: we are what we think, and that thoughts become things. So remember to first create in your mind what you want to create in your life.

4) Use Power Mantras! Words carry so much power, especially the words we say to ourselves on the inside. Have one or two “power mantras” that pump you up when you need extra motivation to keep moving forward. Use positive words that remind you of who you are and what you are achieving. Two of my current favorites for myself are “I am a world class coach and trainer” and “I am strength, power, love, and grace”

5) Have a Dream/Goal Book: Keep a notebook where you keep your vision board, a list of goals, ideas and brainstorms, affirmations, and thank you statements. I love writing thank-you’s for all the things I’ve received as well as the things I am manifesting. Use this book daily to measure progress, motivate yourself, and plant seeds for new dreams.

6) Have an accountability buddy: This is one of my secret weapons! One of my best friends Lindsay and I get on a call each month where we share with each other four goals we want to accomplish in the coming month before our next call. This strategy has propelled both of us forward so much that I can’t imagine not having an accountability buddy for the rest of my life! The power of partnership and accountability is invaluable and makes the whole process more fun!

7) Be in a community with other like-minded people who support you – I am lucky to have a tribe of like-minded soul sisters who support me in business and in life! As the leader of a small powerhouse of entrepreneurial women who meet monthly to connect, grow, and support each other, our FemCity Collective is a mastermind group that work together to achieve great things. There is tremendous power in numbers, so align yourself with others who will inspire you and encourage you.


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