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Mother’s Day is this weekend and for some reason this year I’m feeling extra contemplative…

As a fairly new mama, this holiday still feels a little foreign to me that I’m the one being celebrated for simply being me. I’m sure many of you who are my mama friends will agree…even though there is so much we DO as mothers, it really is simply an extension of who we are for our babies. This journey so far has been life changing, and I think for me, right now, has come to a really great point where I am feeling an awesome sense of BALANCE and PURPOSE in who I am: both as Mommy for Jordie, and as me for ME.

I’ve been working my butt off to get my lifework back on track after having J, and it hasn’t been easy. Time and energy is scarce, but the motivation has never been higher. I feel like I have found EXTRA power now that I’m a Mom because I have new reasons to drive me and my ambition. Being a role model for my son has made me want to be the best version of me x 1000!!!

So as we approach this Mother’s Day, my love and wish for my other Mommy friends is this:

You are strong.

You are extremely powerful.

Your role as mama not only gives you the permission but the opportunity to be your BEST SELF.

Ask for what you need to have the time and resources to express that best YOU.


So much love,



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